In the Summer of 2009, I talked my way into a dream job; making gelato under the tutelage of Jon Snyder, a legend in the business and owner of Il Laboratorio del Gelato. The “lab” was a 500 square foot madhouse that supplied the absolute finest product to hundreds of the top restaurants in New York City.

Each time I came back to Atlanta, I brought as much gelato as I could pack so my friends and family could taste some of our delightful creations. The more I brought home, the less I could keep up with the requests and before long I realized something had to be done. Every visit, I began making gelato in my parents’ kitchen. A true southern boy, I could not resist the temptation to play around with the flavors and desserts concepts unique to the South. The response I received was overwhelming; not only were people excited, they felt challenged to offer up unique flavor concepts, which only increased demand. A casual conversation with a long-time friend, and then another, was all it took to put everything in motion. Since then, Wes, Khatera, and I have honed our vision for Honeysuckle Gelato and can proudly say that we now offer the South exactly what we envisioned…an ice cream worthy of its decadent culinary roots.

We launched a food truck in 2011, which allowed us to try out hundreds of flavor combinations on thousands of customers all over the Atlanta area. Most of them were huge hits. Some may never again see the light of day (looking at you, green tea pomegranate sorbet). In 2013 we retired the truck, but we’re doing our best to put all of the favorites into pints in your local grocer’s freezer and we're proud to have opened our first retail store at Ponce City Market!

As we continue to grow, we will remain hard at work following our mission of “hitting the sweet spot” with our products and we hope you join in on the fun. We look forward to serving y’all!



At Honeysuckle Gelato we combine the rich and smooth texture of gelato with the decadent flavors and desserts of the South. Each ounce of our gelato and sorbet is made from scratch in Atlanta using the finest and freshest local ingredients. Whenever an ingredient is not available locally we search the globe in order to bring the most unique and delicious flavors to our customers. For our sorbets, we focus on seasonal offerings and use only real fruit in our kitchen.

Our philosophy at Honeysuckle is that no matter how delicious a particular flavor of gelato, it's merely a single component of a dessert. For that reason, each serving you order from us at our retail location will offer at least three elements in it. We've done our best to provide a selection of gelato, baked goods, and toppings that will give you the opportunity to create some truly memorable desserts. We've listed some of our favorite combinations, but we're more excited about what you will come up with. Whether you indulge in a cup of our hand-scooped gelato, a gelato cookie sandwich, a milkshake or even just our handmade sea-salted caramel sauce, we assure you that Honeysuckle’s line of desserts is the perfect treat anytime of day!

As we continue to grow, we stay committed to our vision of providing the perfect dessert for any occasion while setting the bar for quality and innovation. Be sure to stay tuned as new offerings are always in the making.

Enjoy. And Experiment.


Giving back

Acts of kindness and giving, no matter how small the gesture, can create ripples of change. We have chosen to do our part by giving back locally to the people in our community. We have proudly partnered with the Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) to help local families who struggle to get their next meal on the table. 5% of our profits will go to the Atlanta Community Food Bank so no matter where you buy Honeysuckle Gelato, you're making a difference. Hopefully, that will make our treat that much sweeter! Thank you for supporting us and those in need!